Delivered Sales Service

Since the first day in operation (19 June 2011), WNCC managed to introduce a consistent Delivered Sales Service ''DSS''. This service places WNCC among a niche group of cement producers in Egypt who are able to manipulate the inland transportation market and protect their clients from its seasonality impact.

WNCC Delivered Vs. Pick up Sales is dynamic which leads to better control on AL MASRY brand prices in regional markets and mitigate the price fluctuations at end user.

Through a well diversified rented fleet, WNCC is able to sustain the service reachable to all governorates at a satisfactory response time. WNCC clients increasingly prefer WNCC Delivered Sales Service considering it as a reliable service ensuring the delivery of cement on the day needed. The client is required to place the delivery order 24 hours in advance to assure receiving the cargo on time and at the right place.

The DSS gives the company a competitive advantage in the local market and help maintaining loyal customer base, nevertheless control Al Masry Cement distribution. In the meantime WNCC short term goal is to increase efficiency by improving the rented trucks utilization (using up-to-date tracking methods) in order to satisfy the timely needs of its clients.

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