Social Participation

WNCC values its society and keeps performing its role towards serving our community for the purpose of Egypt's prosperous. Our social participation role is extended from WNCC main concept of "Be'dena Nea'marha" (With Our Hands We Will Develop Our Country) which leads to a better future.

WNCC had carried out and still continuing many social initiatives at Upper Egypt Region, of which:

  • Blood Donation Campaign: Took place at Bani Suif University on 2nd April 2013 targeting 50 blood donators and soon in Fayoum Governorate
  • Eftar Sa'em Project: Distributing food & beverage bags among Bani Suif citizens during Ramadan 2012
  • Back to School: Distributing school bags for students for the educational year 2012/2013
  • Monthly Health and Social Tips: Sending monthly awareness SMS to our customers including health and social useful tips to be followed
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