Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of employees, contractors, third parties and visitors is considered WNCC top priority and a core business value that integrates in the overall business performance.

WNCC complies with the Environmental, Health and Safety laws, and regulations. In addition, WNCC implements internal standards that ensures ongoing improvement.

WNCC is committed to its H&S statement which is "No Job is so important that it cannot be done Safety" and will continue its efforts in order to improve the overall safety performance to reach safe work environment through safe work methods.

To achieve our H&S vision, WNCC is focusing on enhancing the safety awareness of the employees through continuous training programs, keeping up safety provisions, applying Personal Protective Equipment ''PPE'' rules, and reporting/analyzing all accidents for having the suitable preventive actions for future.

WNCC Safety Fundamental Rules have been laid down with zero tolerance for breaking such rules.

WNCC Safety Fundamental Rules

  • Do not override or interfere with any safety provision and do not let others override or interfere with safety provisions
  • Personal Protective Equipment rules assigned to a given task must be adhered to at all times
  • Isolations and lock-out procedures must always be followed
  • No person may work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • All injuries and incidents must be reported/analyzed
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